our mission

Our MISSION is to integrate community engaged and technology supported solutions to improve nutrition and related behaviors of Mississippians and address preventable chronic disease disparities.

our Vision

Our VISION is for Mississippians to eat better and move more to live healthier lives.

Our Core Values

Community engagement

Serve communities through research and work with community partners to inform and implement our projects.

Multidisciplinary Collaborations

Work with various disciplines to foster co-learning and holistically tackle real world problems.

Tailored Solutions

Acknowledge that individuals and communities are unique in their own way and require individualized solutions to meet their needs.

Innovative Solutions

Use integrated sciences to design and deliver effective interventions.

Professional Preparedness

Provide a safe work environment for students to develop professional skills for their future careers.

Community Outreach

Recognizes a reciprocal benefits exists when communities are served and students are enriched through community based research experiences.