The Mississippi INBRE Outreach Scholars Program is a summer community-based research program for Mississippi and Louisiana college students that is hosted by the Mississippi INBRE Telenutrition Center at The University of Southern Mississippi.

The Mississippi INBRE Telenutrition Center conducts research that focuses on health disparities affecting African American and Native American populations in the Deep South, particularly in the states of Mississippi and Louisiana. Specifically, the Telenutrition Center’s research targets chronic preventable diseases such as diabetes and obesity in these populations by investigating the relationship of these diseases with diet and physical activity. The research activities include:

Learning Mississippi’s Nutrition Physical Activity and Health Needs is an effort to work with communities to conduct a needs assessment of Mississippi and Louisiana to capture demographics, access to health care, nutrition and physical activity behaviors, technology, as well as health, social support, and self-efficacy for nutrition/physical activity behaviors.

Move & Eat 2 Live Program is an intervention program that will utilize interventionists trained as health coaches to deliver a nutrition and physical activity program for young to middle aged adult African Americans in South Mississippi.

COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Project helps to learn about factors that influence Mississippian’s decision to receive or not receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Okla Achukma Project is a project to address diet and physical activity behaviors among Southeastern Native Americans to treat and prevent obesity and chronic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension.

Obesity Science & Prevention Research Initiative addresses the obesity burden in Mississippi focusing on body composition measurement technology and mobile/remote healthcare techniques to better assist underserved populations.

The summer research program begins May 23, 2022 and ends July 29, 2022. Outreach Scholars will complete one week of orientation followed by a nine-week mentored internship to gain experience in community-based research. Outreach Scholars receive a $3,750 award and are expected to be present on campus approximately 32 hours/week. At the end of the program, Outreach Scholars will prepare an abstract and a research poster to present at both the Mississippi Health Disparities Conference and the Mississippi Academy of Sciences Annual Meeting.

Now accepting applications for 2022!

For more information and application visit msinbre.org/outreach-scholars/

Applications due by March 1, 2022!

For questions about this internship, please contact Mrs. Sermin Aras at sermin.aras@usm.edu or at 601.266.4384.

Here's a look at some of the activities from our former Outreach Scholars: